Product Design

There are so many products in the market today that have unneccesary components making the product difficult to interact with. In response I study user interaction along with ergonomics to design products that are simple, engaging, and ultimately beautiful in design.

While being a strong advocate of learning from existing products, I also question what constitutes their form. Many factors such as developmental techniques and manufacturing processes dictate a product's form and function. My process takes a limitless approach to design and utilizes the appropriate digital technology and manufacturing techniques for production. The results are unique solutions that have potential to be mass produced for the general public.

Children's Furniture Series

This is a set of children's furniture designed to stimulate creative and imaginitive play. The series includes a Carriage Desk, All-in-One desk and Coat Rack. A 3" color-changing LED orb is added as a fun accessory to tie the pieces together. While being fun for kids, the set also adds ease of mind to adults because everything is assembled without tools and easily packs flat for storage. I had a lot of fun designing this furniture series and look forward to continuing the designs for the future.

© 2012 Allison Holden


Boba is a copper bowl designed for multiple purposes. The curved form creates an illusion of a soft surface and is highly reflective of its surroundings. The bowl can hold various objects including spherical forms up to 3 inches in diameter comfortably. Designed in 3D Studio Max, Boba was 3D printed to create a plaster mold, then electroformed from wax.


Array Lamp

This is a prototype of a lamp designed using 3D Studio Max. The goal was to design an ambient desk lamp using repetition of a torus shape. The prototype was created using a ZCorp 3D powder printer and a color-changing LED puck light.



This is an apple bowl designed to hold any size apple depending on which side of the bowl the apples are placed. It is fun to use because its spherical base makes is topsy-turvy. The bowl is thermoformed with food-safe HDPE plastic.

© 2012 Allison Holden

Tray & Coasters

This is a tray and coaster prototype designed to for a large group enjoying drinks and appetizers together. It can be used for carrying several drink and food items with the convenience of easy to remove coasters.


Flora Sculptural Vase set

Inspired by organic floral forms, this set of copper vases serve as standalone pieces of art or functional vases. The two sizes create a balance between the two, a sort of yin yang relationship. The form naturally evolves from the bulbous bottom stretching to bloom at the top. Cutouts following the form create an easy way to fill the vases with water from the bottom.

© 2012 Allison Holden

Fruit Bowl

This is a fruit bowl designed to have the option of being contorted into several shapes depending on the intent of the user. This steel prototype is just one of the options the user has. My ultimate goal is to have the bowl made of a vinyl exterior with bendable edges and snaps to hold the chosen shape in place. Because it will be bendable, the whole bowl can lay flat for easy cleaning.


Glass Centerpiece

This centerpiece celebrates 20 years of SOFA expo in Chicago. The design uses one intertwining tube varying in shape and size, sitting on three points of contact. While being visually striking, the change in thickness represents the constant change in design theory which SOFA has proudly been exhibiting for the past 20 years.


Plywood Bicycle Design Concept

Inspired by curves and fluid motion, this bicycle design concept breaks most rules of traditional bicycle making. Although you may not see it at the next Tour de France, this design is sure to impress as a show-off piece of art.

Intended materials are sustainable bamboo plywood and stainless steel.

©2014 Allison Holden