As a graduate student in 3D Design at the University of Iowa, I have taken several classes serving as a basis to my designs. Most projects from these classes can be seen in the other sections of this website, but some are purely conceptual abstract projects that are best fit into this "research" category.

Animation & Character Design

This is an alien character designed using Leonar3Do technology and rigged for animation in 3D Studio Max. Combining anatomy research of insects such as the praying mantis with human body builders and malnurished people, this imaginative creature can almost be thought of as a plausable species. Leonar3Do is a groundbreaking virtual sculpting kit that allowed me to create organic forms very quickly. Following the model created in Leonar3Do, I did a comparative analysis by procedurally modeling a replica in 3D Studio Max.

Alien ©2012 Allison Holden

Ambiguous 3D Perspective Illusion

The goal of this project is to create 8 different illusions of concavity and convexity on an assembled 3 cube structure made of folded illustration board. Each illusion uses a different color scheme including achromatic, monotone, monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split-complementary, triad, and tetrad. Because the assembled cubes are already ambiguous in the shape itself, the challenge is to create an illusion that breaks that ambiguity and create surfaces through the image rather than relying on surfaces created by the assembled structure.

Ambiguous  ©2012 Allison Holden

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Alongside research on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, I reconstructed it based on terrain maps from Google Earth. All the base dimensions are directly reconstructed from satellite images of its ruins, and the gaps were filled in by detailed historical writings and current photographs.

Temple of Apollo Delphi ©2012 Allison Holden